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Eden Farm Wellness Services and engagement opportunities

Individual Programs (IP)

Our programs serve to build new skills, find purpose and gain confidence in line with individual NDIS goals with a focus on wellbeing and a view to finding paid work on the farm or in the community.

The individual programs include a number of activities and experiences including the following. Please note this list is not conclusive and activities are subject to individual preference, weather, and seasonal changes.

Mowing lawns
Photography and photography walks
Farm maintenance
Maintaining plant and vegetable nursery
Wood working
Biodynamic operations including moving cows, feeding cows and crop rotation
Garden to plate activities
Farm mystery tours
Cleaning and refilling water troughs, stables
Tending to vegetables, fruit, succulents, trees, flowers
Collecting firewood
Sensory trail and gardens
Fencing skills
Animal care/husbandry
General daily running of the farm
Permaculture principles
Meal ministries
Event management assistance (festivals and workshops) such as promotions, graphic design.
Cookouts and star gazing
Music and movement
Paper art and paper making
Art and craft
Harvesting produce

$30 entry. Stay for an hour or for up to 4 hours. Free for those with a carers card.

Farmer Day exclusive

1:1  experience with Gary and/or  Katherina for a full day of farm activities and fun. NDIS rates apply. Full or half-day possible.

Health and exercise

Dance exercise, sensory room, and sensory trail Physical farm work, Physical activities, Deep breathing, Promote, healthy eating, Bushwalking, Movement, Focus on overall health and well-being, and anxiety management.

Meet/greet and mystery tour

Meet/greet and mystery tour with brunch, lunch, or tea. If you’d like to come out and meet the team, and check out what we have on offer, enjoy a mystery tour then dinner with us, this is a  great way to get a feel for our vision and passion. Interactive,  client-centric, sensory, fun farm tours (support workers and family welcome) which include lunch or dinner. Can include night spotlight tours, fire pit stories, and surprises.

Animal care and husbandry

Interacting and close encounters with animals. feeding animals, grooming, basic animal care, milking cows, animal husbandry, collecting Eggs. There is a lot of evidence supporting the positive impact animals have on people with varying abilities and mental health concerns. There is a lot of evidence supporting the positive impact animals have on people with varying abilities and mental health concerns.

Allied health appointments Physiotherapy

Massage, Occupational therapy, Counseling. These are offered on the farm with local allied health. professionals and booked through us. This is an extra service for our community. We do not make any many from this service but make the bookings on your behalf.


We run a number of not-for-profit events including workshops and festivals for our community and clients with disabilities as well as those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. These events are structured to allow stallholders and those running workshops to keep all profits in order to get brand exposure, gain confidence,  find purpose and build business or work skills.

Leisure and wellbeing

Papermaking and papercraft  (lanterns, bowls, mixed media),  painting (the therapeutic process more important), singing,  photography, barn dancing,  bingo, karaoke, board games,  outdoor games, bushwalking,  sensory room and sensory trail,  baking and cooking, garden to plate, campfire BBQ, musical instruments. NDIS rates apply.

Dinner with the Farmer and his wife

Exclusive 7-course lunch or dinner with Gary and Katherina in the farmhouse, cooked by Gary and Katherina. Alternatives: High  Tea, 5-course meals, brunch, BBQ  lunch, birthday parties all catered for. POA.

Succulent, herb and vegetable  garden nurture.

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Leisure  and wellbeing

A focus on promoting wellbeing and improving skills in preferred social and solo activities.

Eden Farm is looking to purchase a larger property to be able to accommodate/support the wider  community.

We rely heavily on community support and funding to help us reach this goal. Through our support services, we have the potential to make a real and positive change in the community.  This is one of our key areas of focus here at The Farm, and a source of much success  for our Organization. Get in touch with us today and see how you can lend a helping hand with this  program.

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